Commercial HVAC

Air Conditioning

It doesn’t matter whether your company requires commercial air-conditioning installation, repair or maintenance, A&T Heating and Air will provide a fast efficient service in Houston and the surrounding areas. Our professional commercial A/C technicians are experienced and trained to work closely with our commercial clients to meet all of their air-conditioning needs.


If your business has commercial grade refrigeration you will need to be sure that it is serviced and inspected regularly. Our team of skilled technicians will come to your place of business to carry out a thorough inspection of your refrigeration units and associated components and will provide an expert opinion on how to keep them in good working order, and if necessary, carry out any repairs right there and then. We will also optimize your system in order to help you reduce energy consumption and ultimately save you money.


The most commonly used HVAC equipment in commercial and industrial facilities is the exhaust fan. This is because they are very efficient at pulling air out of a building, allowing fresh air to be pulled in. In addition, exhaust fans can also play a part in maintaining a healthy working environment by removing moisture and therefore reducing the chance for mold and mildew to form. All of our technicians are experienced in working with exhaust fans so you be confident that you are leaving your commercial fan repair, installation or maintenance in the hands of experts.


Adequate heating is needed to keep the work environment comfortable, productive and safe. Therefore your commercial furnace needs to be properly maintained and always in good working order. Frequent servicing will help to prevent costly repair bills, or even the expense of having to replace your furnace altogether.  It doesn’t matter whether you need preventative maintenance or need an emergency repair, our technicians at A&T Heating and Air are on standby to take your call.


Come back and check this page regularly as our residential HVAC Specials change often.
*These special offers cannot be used in conjunction with other offers that may coincide.

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